New Insight Into 5-MeO-DMT For Depression and Other Mental Illness

Patients suffering from depression might have found a new outlet for easing their malaise. 5-MeO-DMT has been known to change lives by offering those who work with the medicine bold new perspectives. From this, one can already discern why 5-MeO might help uplift someone with depression. New research already indicates that there is a positive link between 5-MeO and life satisfaction.

As the current US administration prepares to legalize psychedelic therapy, many psychedelics are garnering new interest. Treatment of various mental disorders is at the top of the list of previously unthought-of uses for psychedelics. In this article, Tandava is going to explore the link between 5-MeO-DMT and reductions in depression. We've observed quite a few things ourselves hosting 5-MeO-DMT retreats for a wide variety of people, some of whom were suffering from depression.

What Is 5-MeO: The Background

5-MeO offers many people the ideal opportunity for self-reflection. It is a psychedelic medicine known for producing a non-dual experience in those who work with it.The 5-MeO experience is incredibly intense, to the point where some might fear it. That said, this experience has a rather low risk of causing you any health problems. So long as you experience 5-MeO with a competent facilitator, you'll surely be able to work with the medicine safely. The only thing that might give you pause is that those with particular mental health conditions are not advised to work with 5-MeO. Any dependable retreat center will vet you beforehand to ensure that you are ready for 5-MeO-DMT and will screen for any conditions that might make you an unsuitable candidate for the medicine.Note that 5-MeO is not addictive, despite the claims of an ignorant few. 5-MeO has been shown to reduce addiction in those who work with it.

5-MeO-DMT Characteristics

These days, 5-MeO is also known as "the toad" or "Bufo" after the Colorado River Toad whose venom 5-MeO is often found in. However, not many people realize that 5-MeO was found in various plants and even synthesized in a lab long before its discovery in toad venom. 5-MeO has already been in use for various experimentation and ceremonies dating back around 3,000 years.Compared to most psychedelic medicines, 5-MeO is short lasting. A ceremony only takes around 10-45 minutes. However, you will almost certainly lose track of time if you ever do choose to embark on a ceremony. This is one of the distinguishing features of the 5-MeO experience.One of the things that give 5-MeO its therapeutic efficacy is the fact that it is so short-lasting. This makes it easy for 5-MeO guides and facilitators to work with people individually during their experience and make it unique to them. By contrast, some psychedelic medicines can last for several hours and must be experienced as part of a group unless one pays a significant amount for the facilitator to work with them only.

How 5-MeO-DMT Feels And How That Relates To Depression

For many of the people who have worked with 5-MeO at Tandava, this medicine sparks a rebirth - a sequence of epiphanies otherwise unattainable during their regular state of consciousness. Some also describe this experience as a feeling of oneness or a merger with the infinite.To speak in more material terms, 5-MeO facilitates the creation of new pathways in your brain. This mirrors the new perspectives that 5-MeO creates while you work with the medicine. You will often find yourself revising your past beliefs after fully assimilating some of the lessons that 5-MeO-DMT taught you. You can feel a lot more at peace with yourself as a result.Such drastic shifts in perspective can also lead to a drastic alteration of your current mental state, which spells good news for those with severe anxiety, PTSD, depression or disorders like drug and alcohol abuse. To give you a preview of some of the research, a John Hopkins study demonstrated that around 80% of respondents reported improvements in mental health for several months after working with 5-MeO in a ceremonial setting. We'll discuss those results further down in this article.

The Mystical Experience

The 5-MeO experience itself is rather antidepressant. After all, 5-MeO is a serotonin receptor agonist, i.e., it increases feelings of harmony and joy. This is what prompts the feelings of oneness so many people tout as an integral part of their 5-MeO experience.During a 5-MeO-DMT ceremony, the burdens you once experienced during your ordinary state of consciousness will be greatly relieved. This will prompt you to think about your problems in an entirely different way. Things that seemed so significant in the past may seem to evaporate. Many people mention a sort of ego death where they depart from their mind entirely, having an out-of-body experience. Overall, we can agree that 5-MeO produces a sense of calm and a detachment from one's typical self-indulgent fantasies, though the rest of the experience is hard for us to describe.

How Depression Impacts Us

25 years ago, the WHO estimated that depression was the second most significant cause of disability in the world. However, it seems that only recently, depression has begun to gather the attention it deserves in the mainstream consciousness. Far from being a disorder that is "all in your head" we can observe several tangible impacts on the health of someone who has depression. Not to mention, depression will impact those around them as well.[caption id="attachment_1911" align="alignnone" width="682"]

5-MeO-DMT May Help Treat Depression

5-MeO-DMT May Help Treat Depression[/caption]

Decreased Quality Of Life

Above all, patients suffering from depression have found that activities that were once enjoyable to them, became far less enjoyable after experiencing depression. To add to that, research indicates that those experiencing depression tend to function poorly physically, socially, and at work when compared to those not experiencing depression. These outcomes only intensify with the severity of the depression, and there are many aspects of the relationship between depression and quality of life that are intangible and nearly impossible to measure.

Interferes With Daily Activities

Things that once seemed normal and mundane can become extremely painful when one experiences treatment-resistant depression. Going to work, going to school, taking care of your hygiene and maintaining relationships with partners, friends, or loved ones can become incredibly difficult and painful.Worse yet is the fact that while suffering from depression, one perceives themselves as a burden to others. For instance, one survey revealed that 79% of respondents worried that they would not be able to disclose their condition to their colleagues for fear of negative consequences down the road. Such is the stigma surrounding depression.

Deterioration Of Physical Health

Depression has a clear physical manifestation too. Those suffering from depression often feel more fatigued than usual and see changes in their appetite or weight. Moreover, sleep becomes more challenging and they might frequently wake up in the night or have trouble falling asleep. An all-around decrease in energy and motivation often follows.In turn, this can make it more difficult for people to feel active and productive. Feeling motivated to go out is a lot more demanding when you've barely slept and can't seem to eat at a regular time. The deterioration in health is often comparable to those suffering from chronic physical illnesses.

Strained Relationships

Of course, it's not hard to see how depression impacts one's relationships. It's not unusual for those around you to feel slighted by any conflicts spurred by your malaise. As daily activities become obstructed, much pain and stress can arise in those around you. One can't dwell on such consequences since they aren't your fault, but they can be difficult to ignore.

Higher Risk Of Further Health Issues

Of course, the impact of depression on one's physical health can lead to more health problems down the road including:

  • Heart disease: Depression has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease and other cardiovascular problems.
  • Diabetes: Depression has been associated with an increased risk of developing diabetes, as well as poorer blood sugar control in people with diabetes.
  • Obesity: Depression can lead to changes in appetite and weight, and may increase the risk of obesity.
  • Chronic pain: Depression can worsen chronic pain conditions and make them more difficult to treat.
  • Substance abuse: Depression is a risk factor for developing a substance abuse disorder, and substance abuse can also worsen symptoms of depression.

Research Into The Link Between 5-MeO-DMT and Depression

At the moment, research on 5-MeO-DMT, and psychedelic medicines in general, is relatively sparse. That said, we must say that most studies are showing that 5-MeO and other medicines are quite effective in combatting depression and other mental diseases. Moreover, the research has not identified any major negative health impacts on those who work with the medicine.

An Alternative To Pharmaceuticals

Many of those suffering from a major depressive disorder have already attempted to combat it using pharmaceutical drugs and failed. Even traditional therapy has come short for a lot of folks. As a result, the use of psychedelic medicines in the clinical field could be a rather ground-breaking revelation. The only roadblock at this juncture is government regulation. Therapists would be allowed to use psychedelics in their practices if, and only if, their governing body allowed them to. That's why there's such a desperate need for more research on the subject.Certain commercial laboratories have already begun studying 5-MeO in-depth. Academic researchers have already found that a single dose of 5-MeO can produce a sustained enhancement in life satisfaction. Not to mention, certain commercial laboratories have been studying 5-MeO in clinical trials because they want to better understand how psychedelics could help lead to more positive mental health outcomes.

The John Hopkins Study

Back in 2019, Alan Davis and colleagues decided to investigate the use of synthetic 5-MeO-DMT and its effects on self-reported depression and anxiety. We must emphasize that the synthetic 5-MeO was taken in a ceremonial group setting. Incidentally, in our work at Tandava, we exclusively work with synthetic 5-MeO and have found that there is no difference in the quality of experience between synthetic and naturally occurring 5-MeO-DMT.The findings of this study were published in the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse. Funding for the study was obtained from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

The Sample Size

During their study, the researchers surveyed 362 adults. Of these 362 individuals, 80% of them reported that their anxiety and depression improved following their 5-MeO-DMT ceremony. The survey participants also highlighted that an intense or acute psychedelic experience would bring a more meaningful interpretation of their experience afterward which would allow them to derive more satisfaction from life and increased well-being.

What Makes 5-MeO Unique

As we mentioned earlier, the 5-MeO-DMT experience lasts way shorter than other psychedelic substances. According to Alan Davis, this is exactly what makes it optimal for use in psychedelic therapy. 7 or 8-hour sessions simply aren't feasible for the average therapist. To bring psychedelic therapy to a greater number of their patients, 5-MeO might be one of the best options available.

further research

Davis also published a study that showed how 5-MeO-DMT produced rather favorable ratings of mystical experiences when compared with other psychedelics like psilocybin in a laboratory setting. Moreover, he also published research that indicates 5-MeO-DMT has a safe health profile for the vast majority of the population.That said, he still recommends that we continue to investigate both short and long-term outcomes after working with 5-MeO-DMT. More healthy volunteers are needed to participate. Moreover, certain studies are impossible without more legal backing in some areas.At the moment, practically every psychedelic is classified as a Schedule 1 drug in the United States. That said, the mountain of academic evidence piling up in favor of psychedelic medicines is making the issue difficult to ignore. Researchers have become interested not just in studying 5-MeO, but also in studying psychedelics like MDMA and psilocybin.This comes at a critical juncture as mental illness seems to have skyrocketed across the world over the last couple of years. The need for solutions has never been more clear, and the changing demographics inside many medical regulatory bodies shifting to younger generations has made the prospect of psychedelic research a lot less daunting than it was in the past.

The Spiritual Significance Of Depression

Just like psychedelic medicines often go deeper than one might perceive at first glance, we believe that the causes of depression go far deeper than they might initially seem. To "cure" depression, we must go back to the origins. As far as we know, the best way to clear your mind and make it truly unbiased to any pretenses is to work with 5-MeO-DMT. It's likely your best chance at getting a clean slate.Continuing with this line of thought, we should mention that depression is often a product of disconnection. Whatever the cause for that disconnection, the feeling is there, and it lingers. 5-MeO often accompanies the return of wholeness in an individual. It allows you to feel a certain oneness and sense of connection with the universe that wasn't there before.

A Non-Material Link Between 5-MeO and Depression

We've focused quite a bit on the scientific and "tangible" aspects of depression that scientists can study in laboratories. However, it's important to consider the spiritual and intangible aspects of 5-MeO too. Many overlook it due to our modern obsession with the material realm.Since modern Western thinking almost entirely ignores spirituality, we end up missing much of the picture when discussing 5-MeO. It's difficult to describe a merging with infinite energy in technical terms. As we've mentioned countless times before, the 5-MeO experience is practically beyond explanation. It's more of a sequence of feelings than it is a process.This matches up quite well with depression. While we mentioned that depression has a fair amount of physical manifestations, involving deteriorated relationships and health, many people struggle to quantify their depression. It's a lingering feeling that they can't seem to shake. It's not easy to articulate or analyze.Hence, when one enters the mystical world, things transform entirely. One can suspend disbelief and watch the universe unfold in a manner that is beyond our own logical limitations on thought. 5-MeO tends to be the type of medicine that shows you whatever you need to see. As a result, the medicine itself acts as a guide. So long as you are sufficiently prepared.After long enough, your depression, which might have previously felt like a giant permanent cloud hanging above your head, will diminish substantially. So can many other problems that once seemed so significant. 5-MeO is a paradigm shift.

New Personal Meaning

As you finish your 5-MeO trip, you'll be able to integrate that feeling of peace into your daily life. You'll begin to see echoes of the 5-MeO trip play out during your day for months afterward. Those will be the little nudges you need to continue down the path of self-actualization, and in some cases, confirmation of your success in this area. It should come as little surprise that intimacy and connection become the focal points of your life from this moment forward.Above all, 5-MeO helps you move on from the personal belief that you are depressed. This issue isn't just limited to depression, it's not uncommon for individuals to begin to identify with any ailment afflicting them. It's only natural when everyone around you has such limiting beliefs about what you can be. You have the potential to choose a new path for yourself.

How Tandava Retreats Can Help You Self-Actualize

At Tandava Retreats, we would be honored to lead you down the path of self-actualization and renew your life satisfaction. By now, you should understand how potent 5-MeO is in helping you overcome depression and other mental illnesses. We won't claim that 5-MeO is a magical cure-all medicine. However, with the right amount of guided work on your part, you can almost certainly use the medicine to achieve insights about yourself that you never could have found otherwise.The best way to experience 5-MeO-DMT is at a retreat center that adheres to a high standard for carrying out retreats and facilitating ceremonies. Before you begin a retreat with Tandava, you will sit down with us to discuss your values, beliefs, and challenges. With this information, we will be able to design a container for your 5-MeO experience that we can use throughout the retreat to help guide you through the lessons that you need to learn.

About Our Retreats

Our retreats are thorough. Each retreat contains 2 5-MeO ceremonies, and you will have ample time to rest in between them in case this new experience exhausts you. Our retreat center in Tepoztlan, Mexico, offers ample opportunities for relaxation and recreation since it's situated in an idyllic mountain location.Once you depart from our center, we won't abandon you. We follow up each retreat with 4 integration calls to help you extract all the lessons you need from your 5-MeO trip. This is essential to ensuring healthy long-term growth.