Book our 5-MeO-DMT retreat and begin an unforgettable journey

Everyone is on their own unique journey through life, to honor the diversity of the human experience we offer a few different types of retreats.

Our two main retreats move with the natural flow of life, there are times to go within, and times to adventure out, thus we have Inhale and Exhale.

Breathe your way through the deepest parts of your inner emotional patterning and develop the ultimate harmonious relationship with yourself and your environment.

We also offer specialized retreats in collaboration with experts in the field of health, vitality, wellness, and exploration.

Up to 6 people
$4495 - $11995


An inward approach to deep healing work, this retreat focuses on small groups of up to 6 people, with an individualized approach offering a personally tailored experience from preparation though to integration, as well as private sessions with the molecule while onsite.

up to 12 people
$2995 - $9995


A joyous outward expression of the mysterious magic of life. These retreats are focused on exploration and celebration. With groups up to 12 people this retreat fosters a safe container for group connection.
*Note: This retreat is generally not appropriate for those in deep states of suffering, working through mental health conditions, or new to psychedelics.

Registration Process

  1. Schedule 15 Minute discovery call to ask any questions you may       have, and to determine if 5-MeO-DMT and this retreat are right for you.
  2. Complete intake form to ensure your safety
  3. Place deposit to secure your booking
  4. Schedule first prep session

Our Upcoming Retreats


Jan 31st-4th
$4495 - $11995


An individualised approach for those seeking healing

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fEb 7th-11th
$4495 - $11995


An individualised approach for those seeking healing

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Feb 28th-3rd
$4495 - $11995


An individualised approach for those seeking healing

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All Of Our Retreats Include

We offer both individualized retreats for mental health and wellness as well as group retreats for exploration.

Medical Screening

Medical & psychological screening to ensure your safety

Guided Preperation

At least 2 weeks of guided preperation in the build up to your journey

Two Sessions With The Molecule

With an option for multiple rounds each             session

Hot Tub, Turkish Sauna, Pool

Daily use of our luxury facilities

Yoga, Meditation & Breathwork

Daily classes, appropriate for all levels

Farm To Table Meals

3 daily meals using fresh local ingredients prepared with your dietary requirements in mind

Daily Workshops

Expert taught workshops on various therapeutic modalities and integrative practices

4 Weeks of Integration

At least four weeks of work with an integration specialist to ensure long lasting results